The Khayat Laboratory

Second paper of 2014 has been published in J. Virology Sep 1.

First paper of 2014 has been published in Structure Feb 4.

Back to back manuscripts (Klasse et al. and Khayat et al.) published in J. Virol. 2013 Jul 3.

GE AKTA PURE has been delivered and installed in the laboratory

Welcome to the Khayat laboratory located in The City College of New York (Manhattan). We are a recently established structural biology research group focusing our studies on molecular machines involved in pathogenesis and cellular viability. The website is currently under construction and thus contains limited information on our research aims.


Postdoc: Positions for two postdoctural researchers to pursue structural and biophysical studies of virus host interactions are available. Please send resume and cover letter to rkhayat[at]ccny[dot]cuny[dot]edu.

Graduate students: Positions for two graduate students to join the lab are available. Students can work on a variety of pathogen related projects, or projects with other faculty in the CCNY campus.


Available to the lab

The facilities below are fully accessible to members of the laboratory

and will be heavily used throughout the research

New York Structural Biology Center

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Advanced Science Research Center

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CUNY High Performance Comp. Center

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Institute for Macromolecular Assemblies

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